Our Products

SRV Media is known to be one of the most competent and successful agencies in Pune. We aim to build exceptional digital experiences that entail the best of technology and minds. SRV Media has developed three tools to enable the enhancement of educational experiences in India.

The tools are carefully developed and built to give the education sector the ease of imparting better knowledge. From a platform to enable better reach to a tool for analysing the social behaviour of your audiences, SRV Media is gradually transforming the education sector.

Form Analytica

Form Analytica

It is an insights-provider tool that helps in understanding the behaviour of the target audience. This tool enables better analysis of the leads generated through digital campaigns. Form Analytica encompasses many parameters based on which the team identifies your audience and builds a campaign accordingly.

Learning Management

LMS is a platform that helps education institutions to manage the student’s experience. From launching online courses to conducting induction for new students, LMS is your one-stop solution.

Learning Management System
Student Lifecycle Management

Student Lifecycle

With a strong analytics dashboard and notifications feature integrated with this system, SLM also connects all stakeholders like students, faculty together. It covers the entire student life cycle, manages the teachers’ portfolio for an institute.

Exam Management System

Designed to support the different components of the exam process, Exam Management System (EMS) is a robust tool to manage all pre & post-examination activities. The tool incorporates workflows that match your institution’s processes and seamlessly integrate agreed standards and procedures.

Exam Management System