Adding the EDGE to Educational University Marketing Through Award-Winning Campaigns

University Digital Marketing

Standing true to our name, we make sure when you partner with us, you get the perfect EDGE for your University or Institute. At SRV EDGE our greatest strength lies in providing tailored solutions catering to every facet of educational branding, online visibility, and engagement, setting the stage for award-winning digital campaigns.


When The World Applauded  

In the past year, we did many awards-winning marketing campaigns in education marketing, and here’s what we have to show for it:

Best Digital Campaign for an Educational Institution – Inkspell mCube Awards 2023

Best Multi-channel Campaign for an Educational Institution – Inkspell mCube Awards 2023

Best Digital Marketing Campaign for Education – e4m Maverick Awards 2023

Finalist Certificate Award for Educational Brand Strategy – BestMediaInfo’s Rising Star Awards 2022 powered by Viacom 18

Best Campaign for Institute’s Lead Generation – Digies Digital Awards 2021

Outstanding Marketing Agency for the Education Sector – The World of Education Award 2019

These acknowledgments spotlight SRV EDGE’s commitment to innovation and excellence in crafting impactful marketing campaigns specifically designed for the education sector.

The Tact Behind The Magic Trick

All our achievements have only one thing in common, they are unique and have nothing in common. Each of our brands has its own differentiating factor and we understand that. This is why we align our goals accordingly and strategize an approach that highlights their strong points. This is what we call the EDGE Approach.

The EDGE Approach 

In order to deliver the best results to our clients we design a 360-degree plan for them which starts with doing in-depth research. The first step is to do thorough online research which includes sentiment analysis and perception analysis of the university or institute, understanding key industry trends, and much more. The next step is to go beyond the online research and derive insights from our on-ground study to create a robust campaign architecture. This includes detailed interactions with the students, faculty, and deans of different institutions. This combined research helps us cover all the touchpoints and target audiences before we move ahead.

Now that we have a solid foundation, all our teams with their unique perspectives come together to the most impactful and creative solutions. It’s here that we delve deeper and nurture the roots before we let the ideas bloom and flourish. It is here we experiment and innovate. It is here where we let our expertise be the guiding light and allow the real magic to happen. The roadmaps that are created after our brainstorming sessions end up being full-fledged campaigns that are taken to the next level by our execution team.

Synergistic Execution

Good ideas don’t exist in isolation. They are always backed up by a team of people who excel at what they do. Who bring their experience to the table to make sure everything from planning, to lead generation, to nurturing, is done with utmost perfection. It is through this synergistic teamwork that we have come this far and plan to move ahead. Here’s what we do to give your brand the EDGE it deserves.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Our adept team implements expert optimization strategies to amplify website visibility, attracting prospective students.

Social Media Marketing: Engaging the younger demographic through precisely curated content across various social media platforms, ensuring resonance with the intended audience.

Content Marketing and Video Production: Crafting compelling, informative content complemented by engaging video productions. These effectively communicate the unique value propositions of educational institutions, fostering greater connection and engagement.

Web Designing and Development: Our dedicated team creates visually captivating, user-friendly websites providing a seamless digital experience for students, faculty, and stakeholders.

SRV EDGE stands at the forefront, catering specifically to educational institutions, ensuring they stand out in the digital world. Through our tailored solutions, we empower these institutions to amplify their brand, effectively engage their audience, and drive growth in the competitive education sector.

SRV EDGE continues to lead the charge by pioneering innovative strategies exclusively designed for the education sector. Our dedication to driving digital excellence has propelled us to achieve numerous milestones in education marketing, creating a legacy of award-winning campaigns. We persist in evolving, adapting, and innovating to redefine the future of educational branding and engagement.

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