Our Management Team


Dr. Vikram Kumar

linkedinCo-Founder & Managing Director

SRV Media started its journey of helping brands with impactful market presences way back in 2011 under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Vikram Kumar.

With a Ph.D. from Symbiosis International (Deemed University), MBA (IT, Symbiosis, Pune) & BE (Computer Science: BIT, Mesra), alongside his 12 years of digital marketing experience, he drives the profitability and sustainability of the company with his foresight, calm and loving guidance.

Vishwajeet Patil –
The Digital Maestro!

linkedinVP – Operations Digital Marketing

Exceptionally well-versed in Marketing, Vishwajeet Patil brings to the table a comprehensive understanding of Digital Marketing. With an MBA in Marketing, his dedicated mindset has enhanced us on many levels.

Heading the digital marketing activities in SRV Media, Vishwajeet Patil has contributed to and enriched every client’s digital journey. He leads the Digital Marketing activities, encompassing the Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization teams in SRV Media. He has given 8 stellar years to SRV Media and is one of the key members who has helped us reach its true potential.

Vishwajeet Patil has over 10+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing field with intensive knowledge in Google Adwords and Facebook Media Planning. He also holds certification in Google Adwords, Facebook Media Planning, and DoubleClick, bringing vast experience in Media Planning for our clients.

Vishwajeet Patil
Apurv Verma

Apurv Verma – The Catalyst!

linkedinVP – Operations

Apurv Verma is a people’s person!

He takes care of the little things that help a business grow. His eye for detail and solution-driven approach to every challenge has made an unbeatable impact on us today.

Apurv Verma is a performance-driven professional with 5+ years of experience, in aligning digital strategy with business goals. He passionately applies excellent organisational and communication skills to manage and lead teams. A result-oriented individual, honing expertise in Digital Marketing trends, strategising, process formulation, training & development, his flair in getting the best out of the team ensures progress in all aspects at all times.

Apurv Verma brings to the table a rich experience of handling over 50 clients across industries. A mentor for Digital Marketing for various renowned B-schools, enriching the student’s endeavour to succeed in the industry. He is currently the Vice President of Operations, heading multiple teams seamlessly.

Vinay Babani –
The Troubleshooter!

linkedinVP – Marketing

Vinay Babani is an enabler with a prototypical approach for solving every problem passing his desk. Leading by example, he has planned, strategised, and enabled some of the most successful performance campaigns at SRV Media. Playing a pivotal role in our growth plan, he has always shown his inspiring abilities. 

A journey of learning, from an executive to the VP at SRV Media, Vinay Babani has helped shaped the company’s future and his own. With over 8+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing sector, he heads the account management, PR, and call center teams. His expertise has enabled a seamless experience for brands across education, automobile, real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, EdTech, banking, FMCG, cosmetics, healthcare, etc.

Vinay Babani empowers our Performance Marketing capabilities with his techno-commercial knack. As a constant seeker of knowledge, he is also a mentor at Symbiosis International University, UpGrad, and numerous small businesses and startups.

Vinay Babani
Ravindra Patil

Ravindra Patil –
The Money Man

linkedinChief Financial Officer

Ravindra Patil is a strategic financial leader and a true visionary at heart.

For over half a decade, he has contributed to finance and administration and helped us achieve our revenue goals. 

Ravindra Patil has been part of our organization’s growth journey, from 15 to 250+ employees across various sectors. In addition to establishing meaningful metrics for bottom-line growth, he has significantly contributed to developing financial control, corporate governance, and ethical standards.

Ravindra Patils’ vital initiatives in implementing the best finance practices have been extremely valuable. In addition to providing financial support to us, he enables our business to increase agility and responsiveness. Mitigating risk by directing it with foresight in complex situations is his expertise.